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Myoptechs™ is an ophthalmic medical device company developing a novel soft contact lens specifically designed to slow the progression of myopia while providing exceptionally clear vision.

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A prevalent disease with major implications

Often called nearsightedness, myopia is a chronic, progressive eye disease that starts early in life and is characterized by worsening distance vision and excessive eye elongation. Any degree of myopia increases the risk of sight-threatening complications, including cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and myopic macular degeneration, with certain complications leading to blindness in adulthood[1].

The mission of Myoptechs is to help reduce the short- and long-term vision implications of the disease.

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6 yo

Myopia starts developing as early as 6 years old [2]

28 %

of the world’s population has myopia [2]

5 B

people, or 50% of the world, will have myopia by 2050 [2]

75 %

Prevalence in Eastern Asia is already over 75% [3]

Controlling the progression of myopia early is critical

Since myopia develops when patients are young and is often finished progressing by age 20[4], there is a growing landscape of treatment options designed to be prescribed early in a patient’s journey.

The new category of myopia control optical correction is more effective than traditional glasses or contact lenses for myopia because it helps improve distance vision while slowing excessive eye elongation; traditional optical correction only helps distance vision. Numerous clinical studies show that multifocal optics, which add power in the periphery and generate myopic defocus, help slow eye growth and myopia progression.

So, what does this mean for you?

With this paradigm shift toward more effective solutions, there is an opportunity to help billions of people worldwide, which translates to a meaningful opportunity for the eyecare industry with a predicted $20 billion Total Addressable Market for myopia control optical correction, including $5 billion for soft contact lenses[5].



Breakthrough proprietary technology

Myoptechs’s patent-pending Faceted Optical System™ is being designed to maximize an optical signal beneficial for slowing myopia progression as compared to early-generation technologies for myopia control.

Novel design

Patent-pending Faceted Optical System™ designed specifically for myopia vs. early-generation technologies that incorporate older multifocal optical design principles.

Designed for results

Designed to provide exceptionally clear vision while maximizing myopic defocus, an optical signal beneficial for slowing myopia progression.

Maximizes myopic defocus

Retinal imaging simulations, using scientifically validated methodology, show 3X the myopic defocus with the Myoptechs optical design vs. a multifocal contact lens indicated to slow myopia progression.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and the device is not currently available for purchase or use in the United States.

Intellectual property

Myoptechs has an exclusive worldwide license to the technology from The Ohio State Innovation Foundation.

Raasch, Thomas. Myopia Control Contact Lens. International Publication Number: WO2022/236087 A1



Meet the team passionate about myopia control

Paul Grimm
Paul Grimm
Chief Executive Officer
Tom Raasch, OD, PH.D., OD, PH.D.
Tom Raasch, OD, Ph.D.
Head of Technology
Brad Beasecker
Brad Beasecker
President and Chief Financial Officer
Robin Sears, MBA
Robin Sears, MBA
Executive Chairman